Steampunk Light Bulb Shrine Workshop

I actually got the idea from a blog I watch. The artist had taken a class for light bulb shrines. Hers were very nice but not the steampunk style I wanted... I wanted mine to look older and rustier like a burnt out light. Then I saw a steampunk laptop on another blog and did a google image search for steampunk ... wow the ideas you can get from that! Anyway having never been lucky enough to take a class for it I just figured out how I would do it on my own. After posting this too my blog, I had so many emails asking how I did it that thought I would share my experience in this little online workshop :)

First, using a diamond drill bit I drilled a hole where the solder dot on the bottom of the bulb is until I was all the way through, Then using wire cutters, I stuck one side of them in the hole and grabbed the black glass base. With a little pressure the base will crack and then you can just remove it. Then I pulled out the innards and cleaned the bulb. Because I was using a new bulb, there was some baked on printing on the outside of the bulb so I sanded that off with 400 grit wet or dry sand paper. I then swirled alcohol ink and a little blending solution inside to color the inside of the bulb. I also tried Deltaís transparent glass paint that I had thinned with a little water but the color was a more even color and did not really make it look old .. so if that is the look you are after you might try that. Then I used one of my front back images (the tutorial for making those is in the project archive under bottle fairies). Because this can be viewed from all sides I wanted it to look right from behind. If you donít have a front/back image to use make sure that your backdrop covers the image. I used rusted chicken wire for my backdrop. The rest is up to you. You can use anything old and rusty that your bulb will fit on for your base and add what ever other embellishments you would like. I used an old perfume funnel for the top and the spiral is an old watch spring. The leaves are some rusty leaves left over from a jewelry project. I had tried to cover them with solder but it would not stick, it just burnt them. It did make them look really old though

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