Heat Transfer Sachets

This project was inspired by an ATC workshop that I was in. I love this is technique as it is not only great for these little sachets but also can be used on paper and canvases

For this technique you must use laser printed collage sheets. I used images available at my etsy store. If you don't have a laser printer you can have them printed at most office supply stores.

Most home irons will not get hot enough to make a clear transfer but they do make a special little iron available at most craft stores. If you donít have one, you can also use a soldering iron. If your using a soldering iron just cover the image with a little square of tinfoil before you begin. I first heated the backside of the paper that the image had been printed on and then I turned it over and heated the image from the cloth side. Then I carefully pulled the paper away from my project.

Once I had my transfers ready, I reinked my black StazOn inkpad. It is very important that when you are stamping on fabric that you inkpad is really juicy. Then I stamped some fabric squares for backgrounds, some fabric shapes for elements and then some strips for wording using stamps from our sponsor Scrolls Work Rubber Stamps. I chose a background swatch and started arranging all the pieces adding some vintage buttons and lace until I came up with a layout I liked. I then took them to the sewing machine and stitched around each element. Donít worry if your lines are straight as it just adds to the artistic appeal. Fill them with your favorite potpourri or just some barley husks that have been treated with a little fragrance oil.

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