Halloween Noise Makers

These darling little noisemakers may seem old fashion but my kids always felt they were a necessity for Halloween. When trick or treating they would always squeal and shake their noisemakers while the candy was being handed out because they thought they got more…lol… and they did seem too. I guess the people just thought it was cute.
Get started early ...I like to do my Halloween projects at least by August or September so I can do my Christmas projects in October and November leaving December free for all the Holiday events.

You can use any old tins, I just used some old candy tins and then I found some round ones at the thrift shop.

Cut some dowels the length that you would like your handle, drill a hole in the side of your tin that the handle will fit into. Put a glob of E600 on the end of the dowel and stick it though the hole. Place a few dried beans in the can and also glue the lid closed. Once dry, cover the sides of the tin with glue and cover each side with tissue trimming off the excess. You should have what looks like Pic2. Paint your handle and set aside to dry. Don’t unwrap your tissue and cut the end of it off about an inch wide. When unfolded this will give you about 6 strips of tissue 18 inches long and an inch wide. Sew down the center of the tissue strips. It doesn’t matter the color of the thread because it is not going to show. Then clip into strips cutting close to the stitching but not though the stitching every quarter of an inch the length of the strip. Do this on both sides of the stitching. Fluff it up by bending the little strips and twisting it. You should have what you see in picture 3 now.

I also made some little net pinwheels for them by cutting strips of netting and gathering one edge. This is much like making a quilt yoyo. Then I sprayed them with gold webbing and gold glitter spray. I wrapped the handle with a strip of ribbon and glued a wooden bead on the end. I then glued the garlands around the edges added my diecut shapes that had been stamped with Halloween images. To finish it off I glued little star sequence on the back for some added sparkle.

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