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Our first grandbaby was recently born. I am not the average grandma so I did now want to bring the average “Welcome Baby” gifts. Being a party girl, I decided this was a time for celebration! When he arrived we had our grandson’s zeroth Birthday party with hats, cake and birthday presents! Although these are done in a baby theme, they really could be done for any occasion. Most of clip art images you see on the hats are from Inka Stamps collage images but some are from collage sheets that are in the making. I will be posting them soon! The patterns are below along with a brief discription of how each hat was put together.

First you will need to print your pattern. If you try to print it from the web it will not print the right size. So you will need to save it to your computer. If you are running windows do this by right clicking on the picture of the pattern. A box will pop up with a list of options. Choose "save picture as". Now another box will pop up. Choose where you would like the picture to be saved and make a note of where you put it so you can find it when you have a program open that you can print it with. My documents or My Pictures is a good place to save your pattern to. Once you have chosen the location click "save".
Any photo program will work to open and print the pattern. Open your photo program then look for the icon to open a picture file you saved from the tool bar of that program. If you don't have any photo program you can use "mspaint". This use to be under "Accessories" on your start menu but the new computers don't have it in the accessories anymore. It is still on your computer though and you can still use it. To find "mspaint" on your computer begin at your computers start button. When the menu pops up look for search. Once you have search open click on the arrow that says "All files and folders" type "paint' in the box, click on the search button. A list of files will form in the white area to the right of the search box you are looking at. Find "mspaint" on the list and click on it. Windows paint will open and you can open the file and print your pattern. Under "File" then "Open" look for where you have stored the picture of your pattern. Once the image is on your screen just click on the Print icon choose the "fit to page" option on the printer options menu.
Now that you have your pattern printed you can use a repositionable glue stick lightly on the backside of the print of your pattern. This will make your pattern into a giant Post-it-note. Stick it to a scrap piece of paper to remove any excess glue. You would not want to get glue on your project and after it has been stuck once any glue that is going to come off will. Place the pattern on a sheet of cardstock score it and cut it out. Remove and discard the post-it pattern. After removing the pattern from your cardstock wipe it with a used dryer sheet to remove any unseen glue. This way if you plan to use embossing powder it will only stick where you want it to.

Stick the crown pattern on the center edge of a piece of 14" x 22" poster board. You should be able to get two crowns per sheet. Use a ruler to extend the brim to the ends of the poster board. For the cone hat, print both pattern sheets. Cut out part B and C and tape to part A with tape. Cut this out and use a repositionable glue stick on the backside as you did for the crown. The cone required a scrapbook size (12" x12") sheet of cardstock. Cut it out, remove your pattern and wipe with a dryer sheet to remove any left over glue before you stamp and assemble. Although you can't see any glue you still need to do this because if you choose to emboss anything the powder will stick.

Queen Mum

For the crowns, after you follow the directions above for the pattern and cutting them out, make sure your have scored the lines on the poster board before you remove the pattern paper. Next you will need to condition the poster board. Since I did not really intend to do these as a featured project I don’t have a picture of me doing this on these. However I do have a picture of me doing it on another project.

Hold the crown by both ends pressing it against the edge of a table slightly bent, move from one end to the other in a sawing motion as you see in picture above. This will also help the layered decorative papers not to separate. Although you can just stamp the poster board if you do plan to add layered papers be sure to use either a xyron or Elmer’s spray on craft bond glue to attach the layers so when you bend the crown the layerd papers will not separate from the poster board.

For the “Queen Mum” crown glue two strips of stamped cardstock on the band of the crown meeting at the center point. The I added a soft green glitter technique paper to the crown section. I use a gold paint marker on the edges to give it a finished look and then added some gold stamping of swirlies. After that I added the bob section from pattern 3. this was just pink cardstock stamped with a floral swirlie and edged with gold paint pen. Then I added images cut from collage sheets, gold lace stickers, a gift package topper, silk flowers and a embossed gold medallion. Once your hat is completed pinch the points of the crown where you scored the lines to give it shape. Then for Grandma’s crown, I covered it with some left over wallpaper and added a section of scrapbook paper at an angle. I printed “Quinton’s Grand Birthday” from my computer and added that. I then edged it with gold paint pen. The rest is clip art from collage sheets, a stamped zero and little sayings I printed and cut out. I finished it by adding some gold wire ribbon and adding a little brass star and crown. Once your hat is completed pinch the points of the crown where you scored the lines to give it shape.

Cone Hats

For the red one I added a couple of strips of decorative paper then sprayed the whole thing with Elmer’s craft bond glue. Then sprinkled it with translucent glitter and brushed off the excess. I stamped with Brilliance ink over the top of that, added collage images and some little sayings I had printed. For the trim I just hot glued on some clumped up yarn. The blue hat was done much the same way except I dry brushed acrylic paint for the background. The taupe hat was stamped direct to paper and then stippled. I made the trim the center of pages that had been cut from a book I altered. I lined them up in strips and sewed down the center as you can see in picture 1 (I added a red dashed line so you could see where I stitched. Then I clipped it into strips cutting close to the stitching but not though it as seen in picture 2 (good thing I had extra of this left for the pictures) Once that was done I fluffed it out by bending the little strips and hot glued it to the hat.

Newspaper Hats

I think we all know how to fold a newspaper hat but just in case the directions are below. The only thing I did different was as I made each fold I used double sided tape to secure it so it would not be able too come undone.

Then I just stamped it and added clip art from collage sheets and printed sayings. For the feather on the first hat, I stacked several sheets of newspaper and sewed as you see in the picture below. I added some red dash lines so you could see where the stitching was. Then I trimmed the corners to shape it like a feather as in picture 2. Once that was done I started clipping strips at the top of the feather. Cut almost to the stitching but not through it. You will need a piece of wire twice as long as the feather. Bend it in half and insert it between the layers of the paper into the stitched area. Fluf your feather and shape it by bending the wire. I wish I had had funny pages for this as the color would have made a better looking feather. On the secound hat I just did a pom pom of newspaper strips.

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