The Story of Fairyland

Far far away in the land of Inka way out on the most distant edge of the realm, lay a small village where everything magical is the way of life. It is a place where fairies live shop and play. Inka in her great wisdom decided that all this magical joy should be shared with artists all over the world, so she worked very hard to capture these little creatures in her art, that she now offers to you. She boxed them up as a little play set for easy gift giving, hoping you would also share. All these little shops and bungalows are made of matt board and stamped with Scrolls Works Stamps. The fairies are made from Inkaís collage sheets available at her etsy store. They are printed on brochure paper and glued to a lightweight matt board. Inka used standard pop up card techniques, except for the wing wash. It was to big to fold up into the box without using a game board technique but that will be explained later. Because there are too many buildings to give the step-by-step instructions for all, she will only be giving a short overview at the bottom of the page. Let your imagination go and soon you will find yourself in Fairyland too! You can click on each picture to get a better view of each building and as always if you canít figure something out or have any questions, feel free to email Inka

fairyland box

fairywinks bakery

music hall

tippin teacups

wing wash


bungalow 1

bungalow 2

bungalow 3

The Music Hall, Bakery and the Tea House are all standard strip box pop ups. It has a strip mechanism that folds flat and the roof of the card is attached only to the back layer of the card as you can see in the example above.

It is very important that both box mechanisms are identical. To make these , cut two strips of cardstock as you see in picture 1. You may want to use double strength cardstock or poster board. Fold over one end of each strip the depth that you want the face of the pop up to be from the back of the card as in picture 2. With out creasing the strip glue one end to the other end as in picture 3. Once glued fold the strip in half as in picture 4.

You should now have something that looks like picture 5. Make a crease on the other end of where you glue joined them together as in picture 6. Pinch at the new crease and fold flat forming a box shape as in picture 7 and 8. Glue the back of your card to one side of the box and the front of your card to the other side. Then glue the whole thing on the base.

The wing wash was too long to fit in the box so I made the base in a game board style. As you can see in the picture above the back splits and it folds in half and then in half again. Cut your matt board into 4 sections and glue to prescored card stock. When placing on the cardstock be sure to leave a space between each section so that it will fold easily. Cut the two rear center sections to the middle fold line. Attach your trees with strip box mechanisms making sure the front of the trees line up with the center fold.

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