Pop Up Clown House

This little pop up card is made from matt board. You can find this thin cardboard on the back of most tables. When I finish using a tablet I cut the matt board into shapes and paint them. Then when I need to make a quick card, I have most of the work done.

In picture 1 you can see the cut matt board shapes. Start by arranging the shapes you like until you come up with a “Castle” or “House” that you like. Stamp the pieces with the stamps you like. I used a wonderful selection from Scrolls Work Rubber Stamps Once stamped you can use your favorite ageing techniques. You might also try using a marker to define the edges of each piece.

Once you have chosen a piece of matt board for the base, cut it in half or where you would like it to fold. Then cut a piece of cardstock two inches longer than the base. Place the first half on the card stock and score a line. Then measure one inch and score another line then 1 inch again and score once again. Fold on the scored lines to form a mountain fold as you see in picture 2. Glue the two halves to the cardstock as in picture 3. Turn this over and leaving a slight gap, place masking tape on the fold. This will give you a strong base to place your castle on. Glue your castle pieces to the cardstock. Cut a narrow strip of cardstock and glue the ends together folding to form a box as in picture 6. This little piece will hold your main image. On my card it is Freckles the clown from our sponsor Scrolls Work Rubber Stamps

Picture 7 shows the little box glued to the card and then if you like you can make another one from a 2 inch strip for the back. You can skip this step if your card is strong enough to stand on its own. Now just add some “bling” and your finished! You card should be able to fold flat so that you can tuck it inside an envelope :)

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