Pop Up House Card

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This is one of my most favorite free patterns. I had originally created this pattern to make a gingerbread pop up for Christmas so the example pictures show that one.
First you will need to print your pattern. If you try to print it from the web it will not print the right size. So you will need to save it to your computer. If you are running windows do this by right clicking on the picture of the pattern. A box will pop up with a list of options. Choose "save picture as". Now another box will pop up. Choose where you would like the picture to be saved and make a note of where you put it so you can find it when you have a program open that you can print it with. My documents or My Pictures is a good place to save your pattern to. Once you have chosen the location click "save".
Any photo program will work to open and print the pattern. Open your photo program then look for the icon to open a picture file you saved from the tool bar of that program. If you don't have any photo program you can use "mspaint". This use to be under "Accessories" on your start menu but the new computers don't have it in the accessories anymore. It is still on your computer though and you can still use it. To find "mspaint" on your computer begin at your computers start button. When the menu pops up look for search. Once you have search open click on the arrow that says "All files and folders" type "paint' in the box, click on the search button. A list of files will form in the white area to the right of the search box you are looking at. Find "mspaint" on the list and click on it. Windows paint will open and you can open the file and print your pattern. Under "File" then "Open" look for where you have stored the picture of your pattern. Once the image is on your screen just click on the Print icon choose the "fit to page" option on the printer options menu.
Now that you have your pattern printed you can use a repositionable glue stick lightly on the backside of the print of your pattern. This will make your pattern into a giant Post-it-note. Stick it to a scrap piece of paper to remove any excess glue. You would not want to get glue on your project and after it has been stuck once any glue that is going to come off will. Place the pattern on a sheet of cardstock score it and cut it out. Remove and discard the post-it pattern. After removing the pattern from your cardstock wipe it with a used dryer sheet to remove any unseen glue. This way if you plan to use embossing powder it will only stick where you want it to.

Because I was using sandpaper, I used contact cement for glue but with cardstock just use your favorite paper glue. Cover the tab section of both sections with glue as you see in picture 1. Glue the two sections end to end (pic 2) then bring both remaining ends together gluing them also. Slip a rubber band over both tab ends as in picture 3. If your rubber band is to small the corners will pull together too tightly and if too loose they will not make it pop up so it is important to choose the right size. Mine measured about 3 inches. See picture 3. Once you have the rubber band in place glue along the edge of the left hand inside corner tab. Not the whole tab, don’t get glue on the wall section of the card just a small line of glue on the edge that is in the corner of the house.

Glue in section A from the second pattern where you just place the glue. This section will be glued in on only one side of one tab. The part of the tab that holds the rubber band must remain free as well as the other tab as you see in picture 4. This will work as a stop so that the card will hold its “square” shape. In picture 5 I have tried to hold the glued section away from the rubber band mechanism so that you can see it is glued only on one edge. Fold the one of the pointed flaps of pattern piece B forward and one backwards and glue to the matching pointed section of the house body. Make sure one point is glued to the front of the house and the other point is glued to the back of the house as in picture 6. Fold the top tab to the back of the house as in picture 7. Glue the roof section to that tab but not on the scored line. It needs to be about 1/8 th of an inch from the score line as in picture 8.

Now your card should be able to lay flat as in picture 9 and pop up when released as in picture 10. I decorated my house by stamping goodies on cardstock and cutting them out. Then I just use glued them to my “gingerbread house to decorate. Stamps used are #1238 Cookies, #1205 Ginger Boy, #1206 Ginger Boy Run and #1239 Christmas Candy Set. I finished up by stamping a Christmas greeting on the under side of the roof.

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