Bubble Charms

I originally made some of these for a Halloween swap I was in and thought it would be a fun project to share with my customers. These are made with those resin “Bubbles” or “Raindrops” made for scrapbooking. They are a clear acrylic drop with a invisible glue on the backside so that when you put them on a page the image below shows through. I used the “Jumbo Raindrops” as they are slightly smaller than the “Page Pebbles”. I stuck them to the collage sheet “inchies” available at my etsy store You could also use stamped images or personal photos.

Stick your “Bubbles” to the images you like and cut them out (pic. 1) Don’t worry if you can’t cut the circle smooth and there are little notches on the edges. If it doesn’t look like a smooth circle just use a finger nail file made for acrylic nails to sand the edges smooth. Make sure to hold the file at a beveled angle so you are not filing the “Bubble” as you see in picture 2. Once you have them cut out glue two “Bubbles” back to back with E600 glue. Sick a piece of wire about 4 inches long between the sandwiched “Bubbles” and allow to dry. Once the glue is dry use small flat nose pliers to bend the wire at a 45 degree angle as you see in picture 3. Wrap the wire around round nose pliers to form a loop in the wire as in picture 4.

Bring the wire down from the end of the loop to form a little stem with a loop on top. The rest of the wire should be at the side of the “bubble” as you see in picture 4 and 5. Continue wrapping the wire around the edge of the “bubbles” so the wire lays on the sided where they were glued back to back. Continue wrapping the wire all the way around the bubble so that the wire meets the loop and stem you previous left. Wind the wire around the stem and clip it off and your charms are ready to be hung on a bracelet. You can just use jump rings and attach to a chain but I chose to bead a bracelet. For additional interest, I added some bead and wire charms also.

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