Folding ATC Shrine
When folded flat this is 2 x 31/2, the size of an ATC

Get Pattern     

First you will need to print your pattern. If you try to print it from the web it will not print the right size. So you will need to save it to your computer. If you are running windows do this by right clicking on the picture of the pattern. A box will pop up with a list of options. Choose "save picture as". Now another box will pop up. Choose where you would like the picture to be saved and make a note of where you put it so you can find it when you have a program open that you can print it with. My documents or My Pictures is a good place to save your pattern to. Once you have chosen the location click "save".
Any photo program will work to open and print the pattern. Open your photo program then look for the icon to open a picture file you saved from the tool bar of that program. If you don't have any photo program you can use "mspaint". This use to be under "Accessories" on your start menu but the new computers don't have it in the accessories anymore. It is still on your computer though and you can still use it. To find "mspaint" on your computer begin at your computers start button. When the menu pops up look for search. Once you have search open click on the arrow that says "All files and folders" type "paint' in the box, click on the search button. A list of files will form in the white area to the right of the search box you are looking at. Find "mspaint" on the list and click on it. Windows paint will open and you can open the file and print your pattern. Under "File" then "Open" look for where you have stored the picture of your pattern. Once the image is on your screen just click on the Print icon choose the "fit to page" option on the printer options menu.
Now that you have your pattern printed you can use a repositionable glue stick lightly on the backside of the print of your pattern. This will make your pattern into a giant Post-it-note. Stick it to a scrap piece of paper to remove any excess glue. You would not want to get glue on your project and after it has been stuck once any glue that is going to come off will. Place the pattern on a sheet of cardstock score it and cut it out. Remove and discard the post-it pattern. After removing the pattern from your cardstock wipe it with a used dryer sheet to remove any unseen glue. This way if you plan to use embossing powder it will only stick where you want it to.

Fold each score line in both directions. Because some score lines do not go all the way across the card you will need to pinch them as you see in picture 1and 2. Be careful not to crease the card beyond the line. The corners are a little easier because the bottom vertical fold line goes all the way across the card so you can fold it over and pinch the score lines for the corners as you see in picture 3,4 and 5.

Continue pinching the score lines until you have something that looks like picture 6. If you fold the center bottom up your card should now fold as you see in picture 8

Unfold your card and paint and stamp as desired. Refold the card so it sits like a shrine as you did in picture 7. Lift up the edge of the section that is folded to the underside and apply glue. Hold in place until it is stuck well. Do this on both sides. Cut two strips of cardstock that is similar color to the card, one longer than the other. These can vary in size just make sure that the finished circle will fit behind your chosen image. Glue the strips end to end overlapping approximately inch forming a circle as you see in picture 11. Where the edge of the paper meets pinch the strip to form a teardrop shape as you see in picture 12.

Now pinch the other side of where you overlapped the strip to form a horseshoe shape as in picture 13. Pinching one of the folds of the ring (pic.14) lay flat and press down flat as in picture 15. Do the same thing on the opposite crease. You should have little boxes that will fold flat now as in picture 16.

Glue the longest box in the center of the shrine making sure to press the crease of the box strip into the crease of the atc as in picture 17. Place some glue on the bottom side of the long box and fold down the center of the shrine onto the box strip. Hold in place until the glue is set as in picture 19. Open it back up and glue on your background image.

Repeat the same process with the smaller box strip as you see in picture 21-24 and glue on your main image.

Glue the shrine roof to the backside of the shrine (pic.26, fold it flat and then fold the side flaps to the back of the card as in picture 27 and the finished picture.

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